Camping Kit Suggestions

We have put together this kit list to help support you getting the right equipment for your child. It is appreciated that this may seem a little too much for beavers to start with, but in purchasing the right kit at the start it will save you money and will take them through their scouting journey and onto Explorers.

In the first section we have given you examples of the items which require a little investment but will setup your child for every camp and adventure offered in scouting. Underneath this section we have then provided a list of cloths, accessories and items we don’t want young people to bring on camp.

We have made some recommendations on the standard of equipment required and included links to Go Outdoors, where you can get 10% Discount by filling in this short form: Scouts Go Out Doors or alternatively take your child’s Necker as proof of being a member of scouting.

Kit Bag

This large 90L holdall is perfect for hauling lots of kit securely

Oex Ballistic 90L Cargo Bag | GO Outdoors

Sleeping Bag

All-season sleeping bag a superb option for weekend

Oex Roam 400 Sleeping Bag | GO Outdoors

Sleeping Mat

Sleeping mat that provided insulation as well as comfort

Oex Traverse 2.5 Sleeping Mat | GO Outdoors

Dry Bags

These can be used to hold underwear and dirty clothes

Oex Drysac Multi Pack | GO Outdoors

Walking Boots

These are an example of boots as your child ages boots will change

Peter Storm Kids’ Dovedale Waterproof Boots | GO Outdoors


To see in the dark uses AAA batteries

Oex 350 Lumen Torch | GO Outdoors

Walking Socks

These are an example of socks for walking don’t buy cheap

Bridgedale Kid’s Hike All Season Junior Merino Comfort Boot Sock | GO Outdoors

Drinks Bottle

An example of a Sturdy Drinks Bottle in different colours

Oex 500ml Double Wall Bottle | GO Outdoors


For drying after a wash or shower. Microfibre towels are easy to pack and dry quickly

Technicals Suede Microfibre Travel Towel (Medium) | GO Outdoors

Bowl, Plate, Mug, Cutlery

Wash Kit

A place to put wash and teeth cleaning kit

Lifeventure Wash Bag – Small | GO Outdoors

Day Pack

For lunch, drinks, snacks & waterproofs

Oex Vallo Flow 30 Daypack | GO Outdoors

Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof Pants


Lightweight waterproof designed to keep you dry

Berghaus Kids’ Bowood Dusk Jacket | GO Outdoors

Waterproof trousers to keep your young explorers dry

Peter Storm Kids’ Packable Waterproof Pants | GO Outdoors

Self-inflating, compact size and lightweight

Oex Traverse Self-inflating Pillow | GO Outdoors